The Goal of An Interactive Agency

From the beginning of our collaboration your goals become our goals. We are an interactive agency that believes that every project is unique and, therefore, requires a unique strategy. We invest time to learn all we need about your business, your target audience, your brand history, the problems you want to solve, competition and development potential. We believe that for an interactive agency this process is mandatory.

The road to success is paved with difficulties and ever changing situations. Without a proper web strategy, it may be just a ride full of adventures. The Internet is developing rapidly and so are the users. Consumers have learned to inform themselves, compare products / services and be selective with the brands they follow. All these changes hinder the work of interactive agencies that must keep up the pace with them. If you want your brand to be successful, you need an interactive agency to help you design an appropriate strategy. And here we come!

What is our approach?

iAgency helps brands grow and succeed in this competitive environment. We are always observing consumer behavior, gathering insights about how consumers interact or relate to a brand as well as insights about the competition. This information helps us create the best strategy to arouse the interest of consumers and build loyalty.

As consumers are targeted by brands from multiple channels and devices, our plan is to discover how we can use these channels to achieve your goals. Each of our strategies is based on a deep understanding of online marketing, social networks and mobile platforms.

Here are the services provided by our agency:


- Web Design

- Adwords and PPC Campaigns

- SEO Consulting

- Social Media Promotion

- Search Engine Marketing

- Copywriting