SEO Optimization

We are passionate about our activity and not only we will help you gain a high ranking for Google, but also create and develop your brand. Our team of SEO experts is ready to generate sales, to spread your ideas and make your business well known.

Social Media Promotion

If your brand isn’t on Facebook or other social networks, you lose the chance of making strong connections with the people that matter most to your business: your clients. They expect to find your brand where they spend most of their free time: on social networks.

AdWords and PPC

We understand the costs of a business and the complexity of handling an AdWords account, this is why we offer professional services of managing your AdWords account. You can attract instant website traffic, even if you have just started your business.

Web design

Do you want a website that not only looks good, but also works well? A website that offers your clients the possibility of navigating easily and finding quickly what they are looking for? You can trust the web designers and illustrators of

How can we help you?

We believe that the best businesses should have online success. And we can help them obtain it by building an exceptional online presence.


To conceive a successful strategy for representing your brand on the web we need to fully understand your business. What are its strenghts and its weaknesses? What are your goals?

Mobile-friendly Website

In the future, mobile will overtake fixed Internet access, that’s why a mobile-friendly website will be a must. The design should be adaptive, intuitive and easy to navigate from every device.


Optimization strategy plays a crucial part in the maximization of your online presence. But, in order to maximize website conversions, it’s important that this is redefined every time Google decides to change algorithms.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO is essential to help search engines to understand your website. The first step is to ensure that search engines can access your website and that they will find quality content.

Off-site SEO

Link-building has always been an important part of SEO strategy, but because of recent change of Google algorithms (Panda, Penguin etc.) the focus should be more on the quality and less on the quantity.

SEO Audit

Is an essential step in the optimization process. Through an SEO audit, we will provide a comprehensive review of your website to look for any major or minor problems, that could affect the SERP positioning.

What do we do?

We conceive strategies to offer significant results for the long term. We analyze your business field, we understand the competition and act consequently to help you achieve those results that will increase website traffic and conversion rate.

Social Media Marketing


  • Social Media Audit
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Target Audience Research
  • Content Setting
  • Analysis of Performance Indicators
  • Activity Reporting

PPC Campaigns


  • Defining The Strategy
  • Keywords Research
  • Ad Creation
  • PPC Campaign Setting
  • Campaign Tracking and Measuring
  • Activity Reporting



  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Email Marketing
  • Products / Services Descriptions
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Content

SEO Optimization


  • SEO Audit
  • Business Analysis
  • Strategy Creation
  • Link Building
  • Copywriting
  • Activity Reporting


Users search for products and services on Google. You can either ignore them or you can convert them into customers through website optimization for search engines. We provide services for all companies that wish to improve their online presence. Our experience and extensive knowledge about online marketing bring traffic and generate sales for our customers. Our work speaks for itself. Here are some of the clients we've helped increase online revenue.

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Achieving Real Results for Our Clients

We work together with our partners in order to understand their target audience and help them achieve and overcome their goals by delivering strategies and solutions that are really captivating. We worked with various brands to help them achieve success on all digital channels. Here are some of the brands we've partnered up with so far:

Paralela 45
Get's Bet
Fresco Expert
Dental Excellence

Interactive Agency

About an interactive agency and the marketing services provided by iAgency . With the help of this information you will be able to form a clear idea about the concept of online marketing and of an interactive agency.

What is an Interactive Agency?

New media supports, internet marketing, online marketing, SEO and site promotion.

All these terms are synonyms with the concept of an interactive agency. Let’s see what these terms mean:

With the development of the internet as the newest and most targeted channel for the consumers, interactive agencies prove their creativity in web design and marketing for websites. An interactive agency offers services of website design and creation, online marketing consultancy, search engine optimization, website promotion, online advertising, online interactivity and email campaigns.

Usually, interactive agencies don’t come from the traditional marketing agencies, they appear as standalone entities, being dedicated to online marketing from the first day of their creation.

Interactive agencies are approached by traditional marketing agencies for the highly targeted environment that online offers, for search engine marketing and for viral marketing.

For an interactive agency, internet is an enormous channel of customer-oriented communication, performed in new and creative ways, unavailable for the traditional marketing schemes.

What is Online Marketing?

Contrary to traditional marketing, internet marketing focuses on consumers and uses online media, like websites, to communicate with the them. An interactive agency that uses online marketing, knows that marketers and consumers are both important and active in the process of marketing. Because the level of implication and the accent on the consumer grew, very often the term “relationship marketing” can be an integrated part of internet marketing.

One thing that an interactive agency knows very well is that advertising shouldn’t communicate the same thing to everybody, that’s why data collecting and centralization are very important.

An interactive agency works to really understand the hidden reasons for clients to choose or to reject a product. Later, the agency uses this information to send personalized messages by email marketing, mobile marketing and podcast.

The key elements of internet marketing are: customizing and internet. Even though you create a company who specializes in internet marketing consultancy or you want to promote yourself in Social media, always try to collect data and information about every consumer.

The most obvious factor in online marketing is the use of mobile and computer to create internet traffic.

An interactive agency perpetuates the ideals of internet marketing by creating websites and other instruments that lead instantly to an interaction between consumers and marketers. In traditional marketing agencies, advertising is made through communication channels that don’t allow instant feedback from clients. An interactive agency can use the internet to receive feedback from clients right away and can adapt the marketing campaign in real time.

Also, the Internet offers comfort, which is perfect for the new consumption environment, where clients expect to get what they want, when they want it.

The Impact of Online Marketing

Online marketing had a major impact in the marketing industry. Today, downloading music from the Internet, corporate blogs, chats and internet banking services are are something very familiar. Websites like eBay have been connecting wares from all over the globe to one gigantic store, opened 24 hours a day. Online games create new ways for marketers to collect valuable information about their potential costumers and they also grow brand awareness and consumers loyalty.

Interactive agencies prove that online marketing is the key to success and it’s useful for marketers and also for consumers.

Combating Consumer Generated Media

What is CGM?

Blogs, chats, forums, websites reviews.

All these forms of online communication are channels where consumers express their opinion. Think about the last time you had to deal with a low quality service or a bad product from a company that doesn’t offer refunds? Did you wrote about it online?

Consumer-Generated Media or CGM refers to opinions, reviews and other methods of communication for a product or a service, written by the consumer on the internet. CGM is the equivalent of “word-of-mouth” marketing, except it happens online. Also, CGM can occur in personal websites or emails. In fact, CGM can be part of any form of communication. CGM, also known as “social media”, can take many forms and it can be negative or positive.

A long time ago, before the Internet, consumers were at the mercy of traders. They couldn’t send their feedback and were not protected against poor quality goods. Later, governments got involved in consumer protection.

The development of the Internet changed the power balance from companies to consumers. Now, clients can express their opinions, their preferences and inconveniences about a product or service. This is the most trusted form of expression in advertising.

If we think about day-to-day life, it does seem natural for us to ask a friend or a family member about a good restaurant or a good doctor.

Nowadays, consumers have the power to cause brand image issues. An unsatisfied consumer can post reviews that can go viral on the internet, destroying the positive image associated with the brand.

An interactive agency has the job to search these sources of information and to offer consumers alternatives and information about the brand. On its long way to brand success, the agency works to slow down this power exchange from mass media to mini-media.

CGM Metering

An interactive agency plays the role of a catalyst in controlling the negative effects that CGM can have on the Internet. Counting the negative opinions is the first thing to do. Those opinions can never be completely controlled because mini-media itself has control. If this fact is understood, an interactive agency has to always be aware of “social media” and to quickly react to catalyze the possible incidents and negative opinions.

The interactive agency has to understand these situations, to listen to consumer complaints and find out where they come from. Then, it has to create a strategy to solve that problem. An interactive agency can monitor people’s reactions even from competitors’ websites.

No doubt an interactive agency can take measures to improve the visibility of a client’s website in SERP (search engine results page), but it is very important to count/catalyze consumers’ negative opinions and to generate positive opinions.

Using CGM

Just as negative opinions about a product / service can spread throughout the web, positive opinions can also go “viral”. Think about the “domino” effect on the Internet. These positive opinions that go viral, can have an important effect in creating a good image for a company.

An interactive agency can generate positive reactions and massive shopping for a product/service by communicating throughout viral marketing. An interactive agency can earn, by those means, trust and respect for a company.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a popular technique used to promote products/services by email, often to encourage sales growth on existing consumers, to create brand awareness or to retain consumers and find new clients.

A lot of companies choose this technique because it’s easier to communicate and to track the results. The campaign can be monitored by click through rates, by positive or negative feedback and this way we can track the effect and the result of the campaign.

Although we consider ourselves to be experts in email marketing, we are aware of the fact that this technique is just a part of the customers’ experience, which must be integrated into a larger marketing and content strategy.


A marketing agency will work to promote goods and raise revenues, but an interactive agency goes beyond these primary goals and facilitates long-term success. An interactive agency works to increase your return on investment, to create rumors and information that goes viral and to create brand loyalty. The Internet offers endless possibilities for an interactive agency that can easily increase brand awareness with unprecedented results, incomparable with traditional media channels.

The Goal of An Interactive Agency

An interactive agency has to find new and creative ways to promote goods and services using the Internet, by reaching the consumer on a personal level, in an effort to sustain campaign growth through marketing.

An interactive agency, specialized in marketing strategies in the era of Internet, continues where the road of traditional marketing strategies stops. Besides television, we have online video, besides radio, we have podcasts (online transmission), besides print, we have banners. An interactive agency knows that the old methods of communication are not enough for a generation of consumers that appreciate creativity, originality, humor, interactive multimedia. They want to express their opinion about the goods and services directly to the company that offers them.

An interactive agency creates a marketing campaign that can be seen by the consumers at a specific moment. Don’t forget that people are starting to feel annoyed by classic marketing campaigns.

If a company is searching for ideas how to target their consumers in the online environment, an interactive agency can help it.

The Services of An Interactive Company

An Interactive Agency offers a wide range of services from online marketing consulting and website development to recording the negative reviews of consumers about a brand or campaign and managing to correct and influence their opinion in real time.

All services revolve around innovative online marketing techniques and how to find the most effective way to reach your target audience.

Email marketing strategy, loyalty programs, online experiences and website development are often the results of detailed analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats ( SWOT ).

Long-term Strategic Planning

The planning of the future begins with an analysis of the current situation of the company. This often refers to a SWOT analysis and can be easily built by an interactive agency.

SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is one of the most common forms of business analysis. The SWOT analyzes and evaluates the impact of the internal strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats coming from the external environment. The main part of this analysis is the listing and evaluation of these points:

1. The strengths of the company: the strengths are the factors that make a company more competitive than its competitors on the market. Strengths can take the form of goods or services for which the company has a competitive advantage or holding strategic resources in addition to the competition. In essence, the strengths are the resources, capacities and skills that the organization possesses and which may be used effectively to achieve performance goals.

2. Weaknesses: a weakness is a limitation, a malfunction in the company which will stop it from achieving its objectives: lower capacity, insufficient resources compared to the competition.


We could tell how your website will pop-up in the first page of Google, what ROI or conversions you will obtain, if you work with us. But it's better to let you find out this information directly from the people we've worked with.

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