Using CGM

We know achieving positive reviews can be challenging! But we are here to help you!

For starters, using Costumer Generated Media (CGM) involves a constant, effective and bilateral communication between you and your clients. That's why you have to know that you can't achieve positive reviews even though you offer a quality product or service, if you don't create a good relationship with your target audience.

How to achieve positive reviews

CGM is a reliable instrument which allows you to find out quickly what your consumers like, and also what are their buying habits. You can learn if they buy a product or service just because everybody does it, or if they really need it.

To get more positive reviews, our agency will take care of:

  1. The optimization of your website articles – without SEO it's more difficult to increase the visibility of your articles and your website, in order to reach faster your target audience. We vary the length, format, and keywords for your website’s content to prevent boring the reader. You must present quality content, eye-catching images, relevant video materials or infographics to draw their attention.

  1. The optimization of products’ descriptions – every description has to be unique and optimized for the search engines. That's why we make sure that every description answers the reader's questions and we insert the right links of the products in your online shop, for example. All these efforts have the purpose of increasing the traffic to your services page, prices, descriptions or whatever you're interested in.

  1. Using the Skyscraper technique – we create unique and impressive content by completing or detailing some of the articles published on renown websites. We start with a Google Keyword Planner analysis in which we identify the interest zones of your readers. Then we improve the content, we publish and promote it through various instruments.

  1. Connections and mentions – ad sites, social media networks or blogs are important instruments in creating meaningful and long-term connections with the people you're interested in.

  1. Offers sites are important for your business – because they help you increase your online visibility and attract new users. You can post messages about offers, discounts or the description of your business, with the help of keywords which help you become a reliable option for them.

  1. Creating different types of content – the more striking is your online presence, the more people will be attracted to your website and, of course, you will get more positive reviews. That's why it’s important to offer them quality content that answers their needs, questions or suggestions.

  1. Use Social Media wisely – today, it's almost impossible to not be present on social networks. They have become the main communication channel between you and your clients. Daily posts are absolutely necessary if you want to increase brand affinity and to keep the public in touch with the latest news, but they also prove to be a smart strategy to attract users to your website.

  1. The presence on the forums in your niche – allows you to see not only the users’ opinion about similar products but also frequent questions and problems they confront with.

Who can offer me positive reviews?

First of all, your clients, who need a strong motivation to write a good review. How can you offer that? It’s as simple as this:

What do I do with the reviews I have? YOU PROMOTE THEM!

If you have lots of satisfied clients, that have given you positive feedback via email, messages, on the website or on the company's page, you must emphasize them. To promote them you can use:

If we encourage the clients to write a review, this will not only help other visitors to make a decision about a product, but it will also help the website in terms of SEO content.

Reviews can be:

We are here for you! Do you need any information? Contact us!