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We like to think about ourselves that we are the mountaineers of search engines. We live for the moment we reach the top and smile triumphantly. All of our work lies in bringing your website on the proper heights, so that potential customers can reach it. We build online marketing strategies that adapt with your goals and budget!

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Who we are


We believe in results. In fact, results inspire us.

After being defined, results allow us to aspire to high goals. After being achieved, they help our customers’ companies – and our own – grow. After being redefined, they inspire us again.

We apply the understanding of our clients’ objectives, their audience and their strengths to the synthesis of ideas that generate results.

Constantly looking for new ways to connect with consumers, we use ideas – creatively expressed, strategically grounded and technologically powered – to change minds, to propel markets and to shape the future.

Finally, our ideas build the value we offer to our customers in a digital world, with the help of the programs and the platforms we build. We define value as the powerful link between our work and its usefulness to consumers.


Want to know about us?

We work together to quickly bring the best ideas to create and build each program or platform and to captivate customers in powerful and valuable ways. Digital consumers have great expectations from marketers in the 21st century.

Elvila, Floria, Dcnews, Tamos and Svea are only a few. Whether you have a famous brand in Romania, you’re a local distributor or you’ve just set up your online business, Adserving iAgency can help you develop a successful strategy for your business.

Currently, we operate in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, namely on the Unirii Boulevard.

Adserving iAgency’s partners are Avangate, and Luconsult Team.


Real results

We are proud of what we have achieved so far for our collaborators. From increases in conversion and traffic to building a new brand, undoubtedly we are obsessed with positive results and the desire to please our partners.

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Achieving Real Results for Our Clients

We work together with our partners in order to understand their target audience and help them achieve and overcome their goals by delivering strategies and solutions that are really captivating. We worked with various brands to help them achieve success on all digital channels. Here are some of the brands we've partnered up with so far:

Paralela 45
Get's Bet
Fresco Expert
Dental Excellence

“"iAgency is definitely a reliable team of professionals. They always managed to adjust to our digital needs and have shown continuous creative aptitudes. We really appreciate the energy they put into explaining to us all the mechanisms and processes behind specific results and observations. "”

Svetlana Plotean

Business Coordinator and CEO Assistant OctoFrost Group

“"Working with iAgency for several SEO campaigns and also for social media, has been and is excellent. I've experienced exceptional communication, I've achieved my objectives and the conversions to new customers and sales are absolutely amazing. The team's involvement in projects and proposals led to conversions that are usually difficult to achieve. I definitely recommend this experience to my friends and to all those interested in professionalism…”

Dan Ciceu

Managing partner/CEO - Scala Assistance SRL

“"iAgency is a partner that has proven dynamism, openness, promptness."”

Catalin Aelenei


“"iAgency is one of the most stable partners of Ronexprim and this is not by chance.  We have collaborated on several online projects over time, including the creation and implementation of the new Ronexprim website and, although sometimes they have received ambitious deadlines, they have always delivered the best execution in time."”

Oana Florea

Manager Marketing - SC Ronexprim SRL

“„While working with iAgency, SEO agency, I’ve realized that you can obtain good and even excellent results by using only white hat SEO techniques, which are 100% sure and will not only increase the traffic to your website, but also bring added value for your visitors.””

Mugur Cosmin Frunzetti

Founder & CMO at

““I appreciate the collaboration with iAgency for the spectacular increase in organic searches. I recommend the iAgency team for their implication, for the impressive quality of their monthly reports and for always being there to provide me consulting, even if I don't ask for it. They really know how to get the job done right!””

Dr Ionut Leahu

Owner Dr Leahu Dental Clinics

““Since the first meeting with iAgency, I realized they know very well what they are doing. They have adopted a risky strategy with my online shop, but, ultimately, it was a winning one. They are a team of professionals that don't promise what they can't deliver.””

Cristi Schneider




We could tell how your website will pop-up in the first page of Google, what ROI or conversions you will obtain, if you work with us. But it's better to let you find out this information directly from the people we've worked with.

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