Social Media Marketing

72% of adults spend time on social networks. We will ensure that they will hear about your brand!

74% of users are influenced by social media when they make purchasing decisions.

If your business is not present on social networks, you lose the chance to build relationships with the people that matter to you most : your customers.

Your customers expect to find your brand where they spend most of their time and, as 72% of Internet users are active on social networks, they expect you to be there.

We can help you build strong relationships with customers and develop your prospects on social media.


Being the largest social media platform in the world, if you haven’t taken advantage of it so far, it would be appropriate to do so.

The friendly environment on Facebook requires an active marketing strategy, that begins with creating a business page for fans. The layout of this page requires a lot of attention because visual content is a key aspect of every experience on Facebook. Social media marketing for business pages revolves around maintaining communication with the public by posting articles, images or videos relevant to your industry. Facebook is a place where people relax and chat with friends, that’s why it’s recommended to keep a friendly tone.


Recently, Twitter has become a perfect place for small and medium businesses.

67% of users are more likely to buy from a brand that they follow on Twitter and there are more than 300,000 accounts in Romania, so you can lose huge opportunities on a daily basis, unless you connect with the audience on Twitter.

You need promotion on Twitter? If you haven’t got acquainted with tweets and hashtags, we can help you head in the right direction. Our Twitter promotion services will help increase your brand’s awareness, connect with current customers and attract new ones.


LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world and 50% of its members are more willing to buy from companies with whom they interact on LinkedIn. You might say it’s a smart professional decision to maintain your business active on this network.

Thus, you will be able to find potential clients and you will maintain communication with current customers. Use an organized platform to display your brand and keep other professionals in touch with news from your company.


A social network for inspiration and discovery, Pinterest is ideal for companies that offer products and services with an attractive design.

Because Pinterest generates 400% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook, it’s definitely a channel worth exploring for your brand.

Pinterest for Business allows users to discover your brand, share (pin) your content and interact with your brand in an accessible way.

Google +

Created by the most popular search engine in the world, Google+ is growing and evolving.

Being number 2 in the ranking of social networks from all over the world, this social network will not only help you to connect with audiences in a variety of ways, but it will also help you earn credibility and many other things.

Increase your audience, share the content with users and connect with millions of people using Google + to discover new and interesting things.


It is not only a popular social network, but ranks the 2nd in the world in top search engines. It also attracts more searches than Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask combined.

With billions of hours watched every month and videos that have become the most preferred form of content for businesses, you will benefit enormously by showing users what you can do on YouTube.

If you want millions of people worldwide to learn about your brand, YouTube promotion might be exactly what you need.

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