Web design

Your brand has only a few seconds to impress. Does your website deliver what you need to convince users to buy?

A well-designed site is only the first step that you need to take when you want to create the best site for your business. Optimizing it with meta tags, ALT tags, headings, as well as internal and external links, is equally as important for the success of your website as your design. The content on your site, whether it’s photos, articles or videos, is another important part that you have to consider, in order for your site to be successful.


Responsive web design

63% of adult phone owners access the Internet from their devices (Pew Internet Research Center, 2013). Most sites haven’t yet adapted to this change, therefore they are losing valuable traffic.

In a world of more and more connections, screens are found in all shapes and sizes. And your clients use them all to search for your brand. Is your site adapted to be accessed from multiple devices? With a responsive web design, your site will have a fluid look and structure, which will resize to fit perfectly each unique dimension of a screen. Additionally, it will load much faster and this will appeal to search engines. Hence, everyone wins!

Whether users are in a train, at work or in bed when they discover your brand, your site, created by iAgency, will work perfectly. It’s important for us that, when people access your website, they can gladly use it. A smooth browsing experience is the first step in encouraging customer loyalty to your brand.

Your brand has only a few seconds to impress. Does your site deliver what you need to convince users to buy? At iAgency we don’t just build websites that look good. We create smart sites that work perfectly for your business, designed to provide an optimal user experience, performance and functionality. There is a strategy behind each pixel!

How can we help you?

Your website is the first thing users will see. Your potential customers search the Internet for news, information, offers or services. A responsive and mobile-friendly site will make the difference!

Adaptive design

We design websites that are adaptable to all screens, not just on certain sizes. This helps us promote your brand in the future.


Our sites are developed considering performance. Most mobile phone users can’t upload sites that contain large files.

Device recognition

The purpose of a responsive website is to recognize the devices from which it is accessed. This means that users will have a pleasant experience, regardless of the device they use.

Multiple browsers support

Our sites are built to work perfectly across multiple browsers including IE8 +, iOS, Android 2+, Windows Phone 7, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Adjustable width

We use a scale based on various percentages, therefore you shouldn’t worry if your site is accessed from a device with new dimensions.


The most important people involved in the design of a website are your customers, the end users. We will ensure that your site is easy to navigate and that it offers visitors a series of useful information.



Users search for products and services on Google. You can either ignore them or you can convert them into customers through website optimization for search engines. We provide services for all companies that wish to improve their online presence. Our experience and extensive knowledge about online marketing bring traffic and generate sales for our customers. Our work speaks for itself. Here are some of the clients we've helped increase online revenue.

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