AdWords and PPC Campaigns

There is no more effective way to attract targeted traffic and generate conversions than PPC campaigns.

Are you trying to get conversions with a PPC campaign? Do you want to appear in front of your competitors on AdWords? If so, we have good news for you: our services of managing PPC campaigns can help you get more from a PPC campaign and bring new customers to your business!

Successful “Pay Per Click” campaigns offer amazing opportunities for brand building and also direct sales. It only takes a few hours to set up an ad that can generate instant income. Any PPC campaign requires constant research, testing and evaluation in order to get the highest return on investment (ROI).


Our approach

Our approach is simple: no matter how much you spend, make sure you buy the most valuable traffic. Our interest to help you make more money will bring positive results from the PPC campaigns that we run. The PPC campaigns management conducted by our team helps you:


Get more traffic

Adserving iAgency builds, adapts and manages PPC campaigns that bring more targeted traffic to the same or even lower costs.


Get targeted traffic

We don't sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity. Our strategies for managing PPC campaigns help you achieve your marketing objectives.


Reduce cost per click

We are experts in identifying and reducing unnecessary PPC expenses. There's no reason for you to pay more per click than you should.


Get an excellent ROI

We build effective campaigns that bring an excellent ROI. The campaigns we manage succeed in attracting more clients with less money.

What does a PPC campaign management strategy include?

Keyword Research

A PPC campaign is launched after we perform a thorough research of the industry, where we analyze and identify the most appropriate keywords that will attract potential customers, considering the products and /or services you offer.

Competition Analysis

To run a successful PPC campaign is important to know the strategies of competitors. This helps us attract the interest of the target audience and redirect it to your site. Thus we manage to achieve successful results.

Campaign Segmentation

The way the entire PPC campaign is structured can have an impact on performance and cost. In short, highly segmented campaigns and narrow ad groups, which contain relevant keywords, are extremely important.

Pages Optimization

Testing and improving landing page is vital to maximize traffic. We will help you build effective landing pages that are highly relevant to the targeted audience and have a strong call to action.

Campaign Management

Our experts will constantly monitor and manage the PPC campaigns that we run to ensure that you will get targeted traffic and a very good conversion rate. All this, of course, with a budget as small as possible.


We keep a comprehensive track of PPC campaigns that have successfully generated more targeted traffic and conversions. Our experts will provide you with complete information about the entire PPC campaign and its performance.


PPC Evaluation Services

If you are running a PPC campaign for some time and want an expert opinion about strategy and success, you can request a PPC evaluation service offered by the Adserving team in order for you to:

– Create an overview of the stage you are in

– Evaluate targeted keywords

– Provide a keyword research

– Add content

– Provide Google Analytics reports with expertise

– Provide recommendations for managing your PPC campaign.


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