The Impact Of Online Marketing

As an entrepreneur or a top manager, you want a strong, credible and, more important, a visible image. With the development of the Internet and the emerging of more and more search engines – from Google or Bing to Yahoo – more than 240 million people browse the World Wide Web today.

We are more than happy and willing to explain why online marketing is suitable for your business and especially how you can obtain huge visibility if you use it properly.

First of all, you should know that the exponential growth of Web’s popularity has determined a rise in the number of companies that use advertising and online marketing, tools that help them promote their brands effectively, at a minimum cost.

What can you earn from online marketing?

The difference between marketing and advertising

Online marketing has many names – from internet marketing to web marketing, to marketing on the Internet or search engine marketing. If you’re confusing these names, it’s best to call it your way. In short, online marketing is not different than classic marketing since its final purpose is the same – to sell.

First of all, marketing means a lot more than advertising. It’s a complex field which involves communication with the clients, promoting your business/products/services, and especially keeping your company’s website on the first pages in Google with the help of unique, fresh and useful content.

Let’s start with what hurts the most – YOU DON’T NEED A HUGE BUDGET FOR A CAMPAIGN. But you need a structured plan to follow. This plan must contain the following:

  1. Market analysis

  2. The objectives you want to achieve

  3. The strategy you plan to use

  4. The working approach

  5. The budget

  6. The implementation plan

  7. The evaluation and control of the campaign

Planning isn’t writing on a piece of paper one week’s activities, but is putting things into perspective and relying on three key aspects:

How to do online marketing?

  1. Networking Promotion - advertisements expose the message you want to display to the public. So, by placing them in search engines or sites you will attract people to visit your website. Here, you must consider creating banners and studying the demographic aspects of the various sites you use in order to negotiate the promotion costs.

  2. Cross-complementary website promotion – it increases both traffic to your website and also the one of the website where you post the advertisement.

  3. Printing the website's URL on all the online marketing materials – starting with your website to banners and visuals. It all depends on your creativity and budget.

  4. Offer free products – people are more attracted to your website if you offer free info, demos, e-books or the possibility to win something if they subscribe to your newsletter.

  5. Website customization – you have to create an emotional bond with the reader who may become your future client. So, the already developed or under development website, which will become the organization's e-commerce platform must facilitate the consumer’s browsing on its structure – buttons, links, graphic elements or interactive images.

  6. Create interesting content to draw attention – this will encourage repeated visits. Moreover, if you offer your consumers interesting articles and useful information, you will create their satisfaction and they will perceive you as a specialist.

  7. E-mail marketing – is the safest and cheapest way to reach the world of Internet. It's useful in establishing regular contacts, regardless of the geographical area you are in.

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