The Services of An Interactive Agency

SEO optimization and Content Marketing

To have favorable positions in organic searches isn't that simple, mostly because Google changes its algorithms almost monthly. The SEO optimization techniques that used to function 2 years ago, today can have disastrous consequences for an online business. Nowadays, an SEO optimization strategy is needed, but it has to be adapted to current demands and needs of a company to get more conversions. The organic traffic remains the most important channel to attract clients and to obtain more online sales. A website cannot have success without favorable positions in organic searches.

Adserving iAgency can help you create a strategy, considering the users you target and your aims and objectives. Website's optimization and getting more traffic are the things our agency has successfully done for years.

Today we cannot talk about SEO optimization without taking in consideration content marketing. An interactive agency should be able to write and create an attractive content, that will attract company's potential clients. Content marketing is important for any online business because it helps in creating brand awareness, attracting traffic and building links for the website.

A creative, convincing and consistent content should be an essential part of every SEO optimization strategy and iAgency will take care to plan and develop this strategy, since the beginning of the collaboration.

Pay-per-Click and retargeting campaigns

The retargeting and PPC campaigns are one of the most important brand initiatives an interactive agency can implement for a client. There are several softwares and platforms that can be used to build brand awareness and to distribute promotional offers to attract new clients. To create a Google Adwords campaign an experienced marketer is needed, a person who knows how to implement and manage correctly this kind of campaign, to obtain a Return of Investments (ROI) as good as possible.

Retargeting campaigns offer extraordinary opportunities to make visitors return to the website and help build brand awareness. The capacity to offer targeted messages to consumers, based on their interests and behaviors, represents a marketing strategy which any company should have in mind. Platforms, such as, are an asset for companies and Adserving iAgency is used to using it.

Mobile Website Optimization

The traffic from mobile devices is highly increasing and, in the near future, it will exceed the traffic from fixed devices. All you have to do is take a look in a public space and notice that everyone is using their smartphones. In 2015, the smartphone penetration in Romania has surpassed 50%. No matter what your brand is or what it sells, the clients you target will visit your website from a mobile device, mostly before they visit your website from the computer. Mobile website optimization has become a necessity for every business and an interactive agency should offer this service.

A responsive website design is one of the simplest ways you can ensure your target audience will see your brand. An interactive agency should be able to create a website with a responsive, efficient and receptive design. You have no excuse not to have a mobile website optimized in 2015. If your website is not built on a CMS (content management system) platform, that supports an receptive design, iAgency will manage the website's transfer on this kind of platform.

Email marketing

The email marketing is a double edged sword, truly speaking. Despite being an important communication channel, which is essential for an online business, it can also disturb the consumers. So when an interactive agency implements an email marketing campaign, you should have in mind the user's interest. If you do an email marketing campaign that will rattle the user or one that includes lots of promotional messages, you will waste time and budget.

Email marketing should be a marketing technique that attracts clients, arousing their interest in a personal way, not promotional. Brands often lock themselves on the mentality "buy, buy now", which is one of the worst approaches in email marketing. An interactive agency should be able to define an email marketing strategy which constantly attracts the target audience (which has agreed to receive email notifications) through a personalized, valuable and creative content.

The frequency of sending messages is also important; maybe more important than the message itself. Under no circumstances an interactive agency should encourage sending more neswletters in the same day. Lots of brands make this mistake because they are willing to sell more and they get the opposite. The email is a personal experience and an opportunity to appeal directly to the user. To violate somebody's privacy by "bombing" them with messages is a huge mistake because it compromises the brand's integrity. An interactive agency should be able to build a brand's reputation, not to destroy it through email marketing campaigns.

Optimization of the conversion rate

Testing is an important part in the strategy of an interactive agency. The world of web design changes so fast that if you are based on a single destination page, your brand risks to remain in the abyss of the Internet. Improving the conversion rate can be done through A/B Testing, using different tools. An interactive agency should be able to design, develop and implement a campaign to improve the conversion rate of a company. If SEO is considered an art, then CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is certainly a science. The improvement of a website's capacity to generate more sales is the result of a methodical analysis and a structured approach to engage the target audience. Design is the base of CRO, but also a profound agreement of UX (User Experience) is needed to put together a puzzle. An interactive agency should be able to analyze the user's route to understand where and when conversion takes place on a field and then to improve his experience.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to doing a successful marketing strategy for Social Media, Twitter or YouTube, promoting a creative, unique and entertaining content is a priority for an interactive agency. Social Media offers an excellent opportunity to consolidate and make the brand more known. Romania's internet users spend like 5 hours on Facebook, this is the reason why this social media network has become a very important source of selling. Managing lots of social network accounts can be a difficult job because it needs constant monitoring and reaction capacity. However, this practice has become an essential responsibility for any interactive agency.

To capture and maintain the consumer's interest is not an easy thing to achieve, but it offers a tangible value that can easily transform into clients, if it's properly managed. An interactive agency which offers Social Media marketing campaigns is focused on captivating the target audience, on building communities and gaining clients' loyalty. In addition, an interactive agency should be able to offer its  clients immediate support, to promote the offers/exclusive discounts and to facilitate the development of brand ambassadors, which will bring, in turn, new clients.

In essence, the role of an interactive agency is to perform efficient marketing strategies, that will help increase the brand's visibility. Creativity, accessibility and engagement are key-elements for a branding strategy, which an interactive agency should be able to improve.