What is Online Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing is focused on consumption and uses online media, such as websites, to communicate with consumers. An interactive agency, which uses concepts of online marketing, knows that marketers and consumers are equally important and active in the marketing process. Because of the increasing level of involvement and focus on consumer, you can often pass across the term of “relationship marketing” as a branch of interactive marketing.

The most important thing an interactive agency knows is that advertising shouldn't transmit the same message to everybody, hence the importance of collecting and centralizing data. An interactive agency works to really understand the hidden motives of the clients to pick certain products and refuse others. Afterwards, the agency uses this collected information to send personalized messages through email marketing, mobile marketing and podcast. The keys to interactive marketing are to personalize messages and using the Internet. Even if you create a marketing consulting company or you wish to promote yourself in online communities, always try to collect information about every consumer.

The most obvious and distinct factor in interactive marketing may be the use of computers and mobile phones to obtain traffic on the Internet. An interactive agency perpetuates the ideals of interactive marketing by creating websites and other marketing instruments that lead, instantaneously to an interaction between consumers and marketers. In traditional marketing companies, advertising is done through communication means that cannot receive immediate feedback from clients. An interactive agency can use the Internet to create immediate client feedback and can improve, in real time, the interactive marketing campaign. Also, the convenience of the Internet it's perfect in the new consumption environment where the clients wait to receive what they want and when they want it.

Among the advantages an interactive agency offers are:

• Developing the potential of the online business

• Reducing the costs

• An elegant communication

• A better control of the company's messages

• A more performance client service

• More privileges than the competitors

The online marketing it's also known by other names such as Marketing on the Internet, Web Marketing, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). An interactive agency uses this technique to connect the organization with potential clients and lead the business development to a lot more advanced level than traditional marketing / classic advertising. Online marketing combines the Internet instruments, both creative and technical ones (design, development, sales and advertising), while focusing on basic business models:

- E-commerce

- Generating leads websites (potential clients)

- Affiliated marketing

- Local searches.

In the last few years, the online marketing has quantitative and qualitative surpassed the traditional advertising and continues to grow. Among the advantages are:

– Lower costs: an online marketing campaign with the same budget as a traditional one you can reach a multiple audience, which allows your business to focus on creating attractive ads.

– Flexibility and comfort: the consumers can buy products and services as they want, in their free time.

– Analytics: efficient statistical results are facilitated without extra costs.

– Multiple options: an interactive agency uses tools as Pay-Per-Click advertising, Email Marketing and integrated local searches (for example, Google Maps).

– Demographic Targeting: the consumers can be demographically targeted more efficiently in online than in offline.