What is Google disavow and how to use it




What is Google disavow and how to use it

If your website was SEO optimized in the last years, there’s a good chance it has added up unnatural links over time, that you can get rid of by using Google disavow tool. If these links are detected by Google Penguin, your site can be penalized.


What is Google disavow?

This tool was created to be used when you have problems with your backlinks, that can affect it in a negative way. If you receive a message in Google Search Console in which Google warns you that your website has some unnatural backlinks, you’ll have to take care of this problem. Firstly, it is recommended to eliminate the backlinks with problems that Google has warned you about. But, if we’re talking about someone else’s property, this action can’t be completely performed. That’s when it’s recommended to use Google disavow tool.


 How often should I use Google disavow?

It’s not recommended to use Google disavow daily. Take into consideration that Google needs time in order to read, list and apply the changes you desire to your backlinks list. It’s recommended that you use this tool only when you are sure that the respective backlinks can harm your website.


How do I use Google disavow?

The first step in using the Google disavow is to create a list with the backlinks you want Google to disavow. You can use Google Search Console to download a list of backlinks pointing to your site. The next step is to create a .txt file and to insert on separate lines the URL addresses you wish to disavow. If you want Google to ignore several links coming from the same domain, you can include the domain’s name domain: example.com into your list, and all the links coming from the domain will be ignored.


Once your list is ready, go to Google Disavow tool, select the domain for which you want to disavow links and press Disavow links.

A pop-up will open, where you need to upload your backlinks list you’ve created in the previous step. All you need to do now is to click on upload and submit and, this way, Google will know exactly what backlinks to disavow.


When you want to add new links to your disavow list, Google offers you the option to add or remove links from the existing file. It may take Google up to 1-2 weeks to re-index your website, but soon you’ll see the effects you’ve desired.

Google disavow is a tool webmasters have been long waiting for, and this is only the initial version, which means that an upgraded version is to be expected in the near future.