Restricted access to Google Keywordplanner? Here’s what you can use instead




Restricted access to Google Keywordplanner? Here’s what you can use instead

A while ago, Google has decided to restrict the access to Google KeywordPlanner, one of the most used tools by SEO specialists, making it available just for the ones that run an active Adwords campaign.

This somehow anticipated change from Google has endangered, in a certain degree, the daily activity of the SEO experts. Although this tool was created to check the most searched keywords in order to initiate Adword campaigns, digital specialists have considered it the best tool to view search trends on various keywords for their clients. Google's decision has become a problem for all SEO specialists and website owners who needed KeywordPlanner as a part of their research and keywords selection.

Since this tool was created for Google Adwords campaigns, its unjustified use by SEO specialists in observing keyword trends led to the decision of restricting access. In other words, if you don't have an active Adwords campaign, you can't view keyword trends in the KeywordPlanner. This happens because Google is a company that must make profit and the only way to achieve this goal is through Adwords.

Some SEO specialists are also complaining about the fact that Google Analytics shows remarks like “data not provided” , in order to force those who work in online marketing to create Adwords campaigns.


The alternatives to Google KeywordPlanner

Here are some tested tools that you can use to replace Google KeywordPlanner:

1. As an alternative to verify the volume of keyword searches, we recommend SEOMonitor Keyword Tool. SEOMonitor is a local agency that has developed a similar tool with Google KeywordPlanner, in order to offer information about the search volume of analyzed keywords. It is a tool that allows you to accurately measure and predict the SEO traffic growth for your website.

2. As an alternative to keyword suggestions, we recommend Ubersuggest. As its name suggests, this tool shows you keyword suggestions, and also Google's suggestions for users after they write certain keywords. Ubersuggest combines more keyword suggestion tools to offer you many long tail keyword phrases to play with.

3. is similar with Ubersuggest because it uses Google auto complete to produce very good keyword ideas. It does not only put different symbols after your seed keyword to generate suggestions, but also puts them before your seed keyword.

It is free and can be used even without creating an account, and offers you up to 750 long tail suggestions, without any errors.

If you want your website to get traffic from Google or other search engines, you need to make sure that your website contains content created with the help the right keywords. This means you should use words that your potential audience is already using while looking for similar products or services online.

Additionally, this is an international SEO tool because it allows you to search keywords for a specific Google domain (192 Google domains supported) and language (83 languages available) combination. After you have entered the desired word and selected the language, it will offer you relevant results and you can use them to create a quality and SEO optimized content for your clients.

Moreover, can be used when you want to start Adwords campaigns, when you desire a wider perspective on the keywords that users are interested in.

4. Google Trends is one of the most versatile tools available for SEO specialists. Most online marketing specialists use the results provided by it to initiate SEO campaigns.

Launched in 2006, Google Trends allows you to view Google search statistics for specific keywords from various areas. Moreover, it has a sub-section, called “Google Hot Trends”, that shows you what words/phrases are in top searches in Google every hour.

When performing a search in Google Trends, you can set four variables or parameters, as it follows:

  •  Web Search – which includes: image search, news search, product search, YouTube search;
  •  Worldwide – you have the option to select a specific country;
  • 2012 - Present – the past 7, 30, 90 Days, 12 Months or Choose a Year;
  • By using the following categories: Arts & Entertainment – Autos & Vehicles – Beauty & fitness – Books & literature – Business & industrial – Computers & electronics – Finance – Food & drink – Games.

Regarding the keywords search, Google Trends will show a “normalized” or relative level of interest over time for certain keywords. It will also allow you to compare the level of interest among the potential keywords.

Another Google Trends advantage is related to Geo-Targeting. This means that it allows you to break down the search data by region. If you have a niche website, then you definitely want to know what is the keywords “trend” for those you will use in your website's SEO optimization. If you’re referring to a new niche, you can see its potential in the nearest future.

Google Trends is an important part in content creation, by developing content ideas/products/services that people are actually interested in. And by creating content that people are looking for and want to read, you will gain quality links, as a result of your online marketing and SEO optimization efforts.

In Google Trends you can perform YouTube searches concerning the content users are currently interested in and, you can also obtain data regarding video optimization through:

  1. Creating powerful and suggestive titles;
  2. Using the right tags;
  3. Correct optimized descriptions.

6. Keyword Shitter – is a simple to use keyword search tool, very similar with Ubersuggest. All you have to do is to enter the word you are interested in, and it will complete the keyword with other words that users use while performing a search.

In addition, it’s a free tool and it is not necessary to create an account to use it.

Some of the advantages Keyword Shitter offers you are:
  1. Nice and completely functional layout – it is even mobile-friendly;
  2. It is trustworthy and works pretty fast;
  3. It offers good results – when you enter a word, this tool will also show suffixes and prefixes (if any) that users are interested in.
Moreover, Keyword Shitter can return keyword ideas for Google, Bing and Yahoo, but it goes even further, by offering you keyword combinations for eBay, YouTube and Twitter etc.