This is how you optimize the conversion rate!




This is how you optimize the conversion rate!

When you own a website, it’s not important just to attract more visitors, but to transform them into your customers. Whether you have an online shop or a presentation website for products or services, a quality search engine optimization process done by an online advertising agency, an intuitive and responsive web design and coherent information that helps the user and determines him to buy from you – all that can transform a prospect into your brand’s ambassador.

The SEO optimization process and the web design boost the conversion rate

A website’s search engine optimization strategy implies, first of all, using the relevant keywords for your activity domain, the ones that relate to the products/services you offer.

An online advertising agency takes care of on page and off page search engine optimization. Basically, SEO optimization is a part of the general strategy for attracting relevant traffic to your website. Depending on how well-chosen the keywords are and the time period of the SEO optimization process (creating links through articles, press releases, adds, comments and blog posts), you can obtain the best positions on the first page of Google. That, obviously, can bring you many visitors.

If you succeed getting on the first pages of Google with the help of an online advertising agency, the job is halfway done. After that, you must focus on the way the information appears, how it’s structured and what your Unique Selling Proposition is. You can turn a prospect into your client if you use a friendly language that relates to your target audience and its needs, if you respond to its principal questions, if you use suggestive images and you present the main benefits of your product/service. And this is a big deal!

Don’t forget, a promise is a promise! We tell you this because it’s no use to attract the visitors on your website if they will not see constant actions. For example, if they are familiar with a particular web design, and after a few weeks they see something else, you might lose them. It’s a very hard blow for users because they were used to a particular format, with a particular information structure and, first of all, with a visual impact. And if you change it too often, sadly, you’ll lose prospects for sure.

The optimization of the conversion rate means arranging all the elements from your website and creating content in order for the users to quickly find the information they need and to naturally surf on your website. By natural means, they don't need to browse on a page, up and down, then click on several menus to find what they are interested in.

For the success of the conversion rate optimization, the entire process of attracting prospects must be done by an online advertising agency that takes into account the following elements:

  • the audience profile (according to online behavior, the psychology of the buyer);
  • the customer's needs;
  • the customer's requirements and preferences;
  • user experience;
  • user interface;

But the most important thing is continuous testing to significantly increase the user experience and conversion rate, in order for you to finally get an increased profitability and Return of Investment.

How to optimize the conversion rate

The conversion rate optimization means, depending on the case, not just purchasing a product/service, but also posting a comment or subscribing to the newsletter.

Previously, experts from our online advertising agency have introduced you some general notions that you must take into consideration when you create and optimize a website, but now you need to follow these steps:

  1. Use the design and navigability to direct the user to the action you want – we will present to you the most common type of website – the one for product sale. So, when esers enter your website, they search information about the benefits they can get when purchasing your products/services. In this sense, it’s better to answer, as objective as possible, to the following questions: "does the chosen design direct the user to the action you want?", "is the website’s design clear and easy to navigate, or the visitor gets lost while browsing?", "does the website load quickly and properly?", "do you have interesting information for your website's visitors?", etc.
  2. Increase your website's credibility by creating a connection with the user. A friendly language helps you a lot.
  3. Include in the web design strategy the proper website dimension for your target audience – with the help of Google Analytics, but if it’s too complicated, choose the classic resolution, 1024×768, optimized for mobile.
  4. Give a personality to your website by using specific fonts – together with fonts, banners, logo, images etc. influence the credibility of your website.
  5. Powerful colors influence your visitor's actions – they play a very important role in creating a desire. The chosen colors must offer harmony, energy and focus on the content. It's important to choose maximum 3 contrasting colors to provide dynamism for your website.
  6. Place a visible “Call to action” button – whether it’s a contact form, newsletter subscription, a review or order now button.
  7. Pop-up creation - it's a traditional and digital marketing effort that ensures the conversion rate improvement by stimulating an action: newsletter subscription, contact, review or buying products/services.
  8. A/B Testing – involves testing many landing pages to determinate the one that offers most conversions.

When you create a pop-up, take into consideration that any detail can determinate the user to buy the product/service you offer. That's why, an unique color combination, a strategic placed “call to action” button, a testimonial or a recommendation can have a huge impact in increasing the conversion rate.

What are the best strategies for conversion rate optimization

An online advertising agency would say that the strategies for conversion rate optimization must be applied according to context, especially because there’s no successful recipe to apply to all types of online businesses.

The conversion rate optimization is a logical process that helps you take decisions based on the extracted information offered by Google Analytics. Basically, this information tells you a lot about your target audience, market trends, consumer behavior (including age, location, device used to access your website etc.).

The conversion rate optimization done by an online advertising agency is a must for anyone that wants to maximize their revenue using SEO, PPC and other promotion methods, with the purpose to attract visitors on the website. But the most important advantage of the conversion rate optimization is that it allows you to better monitor what the users do on your website.

But for the most successful conversion rate optimization strategies, you can trust iAgency, an SEO agency! Our 10 years of experience in SEO and online marketing and many successful projects, speak about the quality of our services. For any information, don’t hesitate to contact us.