Do you want to get on the first page of Google? Read this!




Do you want to get on the first page of Google? Read this!

  We all want to be listed on the first page of Google when we have a website. But how much are you willing to invest in your website’s optimization to get to that?

The Internet is full of presentation websites and online stores that promise unique products or services. But if you are at the start of the website construction, you should listen to the search engine optimization specialists and take into account the following aspects:

  1. Before creating your website, analyze the market and the competition very carefully – a website is truly useful and can get higher in top results if you relate well to the external environment and competition. More important, in the web design strategy, but also in the SEO optimization process, is to know who are your clients and your competition, to distinguish yourself on the relevant keywords. In other words, the website is about the business you own, about the products/services you offer and the reasons the users should choose you instead of others. If you want to have an online brand, according to your business goals, you need a website that will answer to the visitor’s questions in a clearer and more concise manner, on the relevant keywords that will detach you from the competition. If you take into consideration these pieces of advice from search engine optimization specialists, you’ll see that a very good website does wonders for your business.

  1. Think the website from your customers' perspective – talk with them, not for them, for a more effective information exchange. Act like you are a website visitor and ask yourself the following questions: “how would I like the website to look like?”, “why should I buy from here?”, “what are the advantages of this product/service?”, “why should I choose it instead of its competitors?”. If you manage to answer to all these questions clear and concise, you already know how the website should be structured. And don’t forget, time can be your friend or enemy. So, don’t lose it with people that promise you miracles in promoting the website on the first page of Google and go to real search engine optimization specialists who know the trends very well. Otherwise, you’ll lose not just time or money, but also clients. They won’t come again on your website if you deceive their expectations.

  1. Domain registration – in this case, it's very important to use the name of your company, in order for you or the products/services you promote or sell on this website to be easily found. Pay attention to the domain name because if it’s too tricky the users won’t remember it and they don't have patience to find you, so, according to search engine optimization specialists, the name must be short, have immediate impact and be easy to remember.

  1. Purchasing a hosting package – besides a professional look and quality information, a website must load quickly, otherwise the users will run away and you will never convince them to come back.

  1. The content, the key to Google's heart – in other words, an optimized, unique, relevant and up-to-date website can bring you in the first pages of Google, so take into consideration to contact search engine optimization specialists for important tips and tricks. When you write an article for your business, put the targeted client in the center of the attention, so you can send him the information he really needs. If you do this correctly and you satisfy the need of the public, you will be recognized by Google without too many efforts.

  1. On page optimization – here, the discussion is very ample because you must take into consideration the following factors:

Always review the content – too much passion for describing your business can make you forget the important things like talking too much about you and too little about the advantages that the product/service bring to your client. That's why the final touch should be given by search engine optimization specialists, like iAgency, because we can identify if there are problems with the content, keyword density etc.

Integrate a call to action – in a smart way, without irritating the readers, otherwise you will have many visitors, but 0 purchases.

You can achieve success only if you have established the best keywords – Before we start our partnership, our team of search engine optimization specialists will do a SEO audit through which we establish the keyword frequency. If they are wisely chosen, you will get the desired results.

The internal links analysis – here are included actions which are better to be let in the hands of search engine optimization specialists, like: meta tags, site-maps for search engines, pages indexing, images optimization etc.

  1. Off page optimization – when a website is at its very beginning, you need a very effective strategy to obtain the best links because Google doesn’t like spam. For this, a SEO optimization agency will take into account the following:

- comments on various websites or blogs with huge traffic, with a direct link to your website.

- backlinks from partners – here you can include suppliers, distributors, press agencies etc.

- a very good source of backlinks

- publishing press releases – it's one of the main actions in promoting a website on the first page of Google because you can always say something new about your activity and about the products/services you sell or special offers etc.

A website promoted on the first page of Google can bring you new clients, continuously, without paying for advertising, without sales employees, without shared flyers.

It's true that an online advertising agency costs – time, money, resources. But, according to Google Online Marketing Report, in 2015, the first 3 websites listed on Google have had 60% of total sales from organic traffic. So, the more effective the process of a website promotion is, the bigger the chances to have a large number of visitors and huge sales.

Why it’s important to be on the first page of Google?

Because the Internet is the most effective way to sell and to transform yourself into a real brand.

Secondly, because promotion on the Internet is less expensive than the traditional one.

If the website is not optimized at all, there are very small chances that visitors will find it because more than 50% of the people who search on Google a product/service will access just the links listed on first page. So, the higher your website is listed, the more chances are that people will access it and become clients.

If you want your website to be listed on the first page of Google, you can trust iAgency, an online advertising agency. We have more than 10 years of experience and many successful projects. In addition, we are real strategists who know how to make the difference between an effective SEO process and the one that is done by amateurs. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!