SEO Cost – How much do you have to pay for SEO?




SEO Cost – How much do you have to pay for SEO?

Are you an entrepreneur who wants online visibility? All businessmen want to achieve the same objective. But how much money are you willing to pay for quality SEO services?

That’s the question that so many people can’t respond to. Although SEO optimization is very known in Romania, there are few entrepreneurs that know how complex this process is. Moreover, there are many freelancers on the market that, instead of helping their clients, they use the same template-strategies for all of them, therefore the results don’t show up soon, if they ever do.

Unlike freelancers or other agencies, iAgency doesn’t make compromises about the quality of its SEO optimization services. To shape an effective SEO strategy, it’s very important to know as much information about the client, to know what are his objectives, to find out what are his concerns and how you can help him.

At iAgency, the price of SEO optimization services depends on the domain and the budget you allocate. Why? Because there are domains of activity that are more difficult to promote and domains that are easier to promote. Take for example an online shop that sells tablets and an online shop that sells wallets. Obviously, competition is much higher on tablets than on wallets, that is why it takes more time working. Which is why the price paid for SEO services should be higher.

Because we are a complex interactive agency, we can offer you the best SEO optimization, web design, copywriting, Social Media promotion and many more services, for your success.

Practically, what does quality SEO services mean for iAgency?

First of all, the promise that we will help you reach the heights of success through viable solutions and recommendations, that will transform your business into a brand. Secondly, it means that the money you choose to invest in SEO optimization will bring you the desired results, thanks to the audit we performfor your website before starting our collaboration, which includes the following aspects:

  • information, recommendations, practical optimization solutions for your website

  • high quality and unique content – very important for a correct and fast indexing

  • high quality backlinks – we take care about the quality, not the quantity

  • recommendations for improving the user experience on the website of your company

  • then we monitor the results, such as:

      • the activity of the website, pages indexing and activity, through Google Search Console

      • the positions of your website in search engines

      • we offer you periodic information about the obtained backlinks, their importance and the opportunity they offer to your website.

Your online success depends on the cost you pay for SEO optimization

First of all, when you hire an interactive agency, the team must be formed by specialists who know very well what they do, have experience in this field, know the trends and changes of algorithms and anticipate the changes that could bring you a penalization.

An interactive agency like iAgency, is formed by people who have knowledge about SEO optimization, webdesign, copywriting (some of us are former journalists with experience and contacts, while others are Social Media specialists – in order to create stories through which users get involved in your brand’s world, get to know it and help them make a buying decision faster.

Obviously, the price of SEO optimization is established depending on the services you need. Because we are inspired only by results, we work daily for your business. Every member of the iAgency team takes care of personalized client accounts and works assiduously to turn your business into a visible, credible online brand. In order to provide you with the best results possible, every team member is responsible for the tasks he/she has the best skills for.

Which factors determine the cost of SEO Optimization

You should know that most part of the SEO campaign budget goes for off-site actions: copywriting, reviews and press releases, finding relevant and popular websites to publish our articles, paying partners for publishing advertorials, press releases.

The cost of SEO optimization also depends on:

  • Workload – is directly proportional to the complexity of the SEO campaign. For example, if you choose complete services (that include copywriting), the price will be higher than the one for specific services only. Also, if a website has many pages with a lot of content, the workload will be higher, so the price for SEO optimization will be bigger.

  • Online competition – if your objectives are big, we need to perform a complex and detailed audit, that includes the keywords through which you can position yourself as being unique.

  • Domain of activity – The price for SEO optimization grows if you are part of an abstract domain which is hard to promote, like a technical one, or an "adult-only" one.

  • The know-how, experience and expertise in the field – are very important in establishing a fair price for SEO optimization. As an agency is more known, like the case of iAgency, the result is more reliable. We know exactly what strategy we should propose to you and we are sure we will have the desired results.

  • The workload for onsite optimization – here are included meta tags, source code and content optimization, images and URL optimization etc.

  • Offsite optimization – obtaining quality and high authority backlinks to your website.

  • SEO copywriting (on request) - creating optimized texts, based on the established keywords.

  • Tracking and website analysis – keywords positioning analysis, website traffic analysis, functionality and indexing.

  • SEO maintenance – new page optimization, increasing the number of backlinks, website changes and improvements, established, by agreement, in the strategy.

Unlike Pay per Click campaigns, SEO optimization can cost more or less, depending on the difficulty of chosen keywords and the level of competition. With PPC andpaid advertisements, you can get faster on Google’s first page, on the keywords you are interested in, you start gaining more visitors on your website, that will be convinced to buy your products, but only for as long as you pay. When it comes to SEO, the results become visible only in a few months. But you will have a secured, beautiful and organic growth. And the advantage will be on long term. Unlike PPC, an SEO optimization strategy, on long term, correctly implemented, can bring you the results you are dreaming of. Moreover, because we have 10 years of experience in this field, we know, step by step, what you need to become a brand.

In the end, what is the fair cost for SEO optimization? The ROI will be calculated with propitious measurements and you will find out the achieved results from the monthly activity report.

But the most important is to have patience. SEO doesn't have a unique recipe, that make miracles immediately. It's a long process, that depends on the skills and craftsmanship of iAgency's, interactive agency, strategists team.

If you are interested in SEO optimization services, at a fair cost, contact us. For us the result is important and we are not willing to make compromises in any sense. Contact us for a personalized price offer for SEO optimization.

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