Promote your YouTube channel for huge brand visibility




Promote your YouTube channel for huge brand visibility

YouTube is the largest video channel in the entire world and also the second largest search engine, after Google. The last analysis made by YouTube specialists showed that, in 2015, over 72 hours of content were uploaded every minute. It also revealed that YouTube has a huge traffic, more than 200 million visitors/day.

So if your YouTube channel is optimized on relevant keywords for your business, you have higher chances of increasing traffic. Not only on your YouTube channel, but also on the company website and associated Social Networks.

All these benefits are based on very accessible videos that are enjoyed by the entire public. So, it is an inexhaustible source of worldwide traffic. Since 2006, when YouTube was bought by Google, you can enjoy a unique program of YouTube paid adds through Google AdWords.

YouTube is not just an effective marketing instrument, but also the platform that attracts and connects the users with your brand because you present your products/services in an attractive way and you use the best and powerful words that increase even more your online visibility.

In addition, you can use YouTube in order to detach yourself from the competition. A powerful brand makes a difference in the market, even though you don't get this advantage over night. However, by sustained efforts and with the help of the best content, YouTube promotion can get you to the highest levels of performance and Return Of Investments.

How to promote your brand on YouTube

First of all, it’s fundamental to upload very attractive videos for the public, to detach yourself from the competition. It's not enough to just upload a video, you have to have a very good strategy. It's true that some videos have become viral on YouTube by their simplicity, but when it comes to a company, it must respect all quality requirements. It's your chance to impose yourself, to become a brand and a half done job can endanger your ascent.

So, a powerful, cursive material, with suggestive images, high quality close-ups and detailed images, next to the disclosure of the main features of your product/service makes the difference in why the client should choose you instead of your competition.

So, YouTube promotion should start like this:

  1. Posting video content on other online platforms too – if you have a blog, this will help even more. If you promote video content on Social Networks, even better. You will attract more people that will be redirected to your YouTube channel. In addition, they can subscribe to obtain fresh new videos about your company. And a large number of subscribed users and views attracts credibility that will make others follow you too. And don't forget – content continuity and quality will increase the number of fans and you’ll get more qualitative visits.
  2. Video optimization – it’s the best way to attract a huge number of views on YouTube. So the YouTube promotion is efficient only if you respect some search engine optimization rules. So, include a tag description, title and keywords. Choose a short and powerful title (no longer than 60 characters), add a suggestive description, based on relevant keywords that affirms the benefits of your product/service for clients. But we'll talk later about this.
  3. Keep people engaged about your YouTube promotion in social communities – the Social Networks are the best way to attract and maintain people engaged in your YouTube channel. Encourage comments, notes and interventions. This way you will create a fans’ community. From there, the key is, again, action continuity. You draw even more attention to your brand by posting new materials in this new created community. Another possibility is to show your availability by answering in a calm and friendly manner to comments, suggestions and messages.
  4. Valuable content, the king in YouTube promotion process – it’s the most important aspect in achieving a huge number of views, especially because YouTube is a platform that encourages a video to become viral. The utility and accuracy of the provided information are also important. So, with the help of smart chosen keywords you can get more subscribers, views and shares (very important in becoming a real online brand).

How SEO helps you in YouTube promotion

If SEO helps you get on the first page of Google, YouTube optimization will index you in the platform. And if you want to become truly visible in YouTube, you should take into account the followings:

  • The video name – suggestive, powerful, based on main keywords, relevant for your activity domain, for the product/service you sell or for the approached theme.
  • Title and video description – use relevant titles, in which you include your business or activity domain keywords, the product/service etc. In the video description you can include the names of the people that appear in the video, the name of the products/services and links to your website, blog, Social Media accounts.
  • Subtitles – are ideal in attracting more visitors. The “CC”(Closed Captions) button lets the visitors see the subtitles during the video. They are indexed in search engines, which can prove to be an advantage in growing the number of views and of brand fans.
  • The script – you should add the type of the video content, more because the script is indexed in search engines and grows the chances for more views. Moreover, it is a form to inform the visitors about what type of content they will see.
  • Added videos – YouTube offers a higher rank to those that attract more views and are seen until the end. If you want this benefit, then you should have interesting themes, present your products/services in a unique manner, using a very good scenario, and, according to your budget, use a later editing.
  • Choose High Definition – YouTube lists HD videos better due to user experience. Moreover, in YouTube promotion, you should take into consideration the fact that images should have the same quality during the video.
  • Choose relevant tags – between 5 and 10 relevant keywords that will associate your video with similar ones on YouTube. Through this you increase the chances that your videos appear in suggestions and generate more views.
  • Links adding – vital for your website traffic.
  • Comments and rating – to attract them you should provide only quality content that encourages fans to comment and give you rating. In addition, if you want more interactivity, answer quickly and friendly to all comments to show your transparency.
  • Profile building – load a profile picture and add Social Media buttons in the page header. Also, give to users some info about your business in the “ABOUT” category, contact details and links to website and blog. Preferably, for the profile picture you should use the brand's logo or the representative product of the company.

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