SEO audit, the cornerstone of the optimization process




SEO audit, the cornerstone of the optimization process

You have a start-up and you want to become powerful and visible in Google. Whether you are in a full process of realizing or developing your website or you want an objective evaluation of the SEO process, an SEO audit is all you need to see.

Moreover, an SEO optimization audit will help you attract more traffic that will turn into conversions, meaning sales. Because iAgency team is formed by SEO optimization, web design, copywriting and Social Media promotion specialists, we know exactly what an SEO audit should contain and how we can help you become a brand.

First of all, a good website will respond to the visitors/clients following questions:

  • Do you have enough quality information on your site's pages? - in order for you to be properly indexed and visitors find your website interesting, you have to offer to search engines quality content, that attracts the users and answers to their questions.

  • How valuable is your content for the users? - you can check that in Google Analytics, studying the bounce rate and the time spent on the page.

  • Do your site's pages include the targeted keywords? - they must be used wisely, without abuse.

  • Do you abuse of keywords? - too bad. Although it's normal to include keywords on pages, it’s very important not to make abuse, otherwise you fall into the other extreme.

  • Is your website correctly written from a grammatical point of view? - if you want to be professional, read, then read again, paying attention, to all the website, so you don’t miss any mistakes. That’s the only way you will offer a professional impression.

Basically, how an SEO audit helps you?

The majority of your visitors access your website after searches in search engines because they provide, almost instantly, results that correspond to their needs. Even so, it’s not that simple to appear in search engines because a very low percent of the users know exactly what they are searching for and an even lower percent are willing to take at least a few thousands or millions of results to find exactly what they are interested in. That’s why you should call SEO agencies that know very well what they are doing.

Unlike other SEO agencies, iAgency, interactive agency, has more than 10 years experience in this field. We like to listen to your story, to find out more information about your business, your domain, who your are your customers and what are your objectives, to understand them and offer you the best personalized strategy.

Overall, iAgency, interactive agency, will offer you an SEO audit that contains the most important information to define/sketch an appropriate strategy:

  • We determine the actual performance of your website – technically and content wise

  • We highlight the eventual problems in terms of alignment with the policies of search engines

  • We determine the optimization opportunities

  • We offer you solutions for improving the conversion rate

  • We offer you recommendations about indexing, website loading speed, meta tags

  • We offer you recommendations about the navigation structure and information architecture

  • We offer you recommendations about content optimization (text + images)

  • We offer you recommendations about improving the backlinks profile, after an offsite and competition analysis.

Why choose iAgency

Because we are specialized in SEO optimization strategies that bring you ROI (Return of Investment) improvement and we can help you choose the correct keywords, based on searching frequency analysis and their relevance for your website/business. Moreover, we truly believe that choosing them wisely will bring you a long term success rate.

What do we analyze in an SEO audit

First of all we are very careful about the first information your visitor has contact with when he gets on your website. Then we do an extensive analysis about functionality and design aspects.

So, we start with:

  • Keywords analysis – it's the first step to your audience. The more well-chosen they are, the more you will maximize ROI.

  • Accessibility – the first question we put as SEO optimization specialists is “If a website is not accessible for search engines, why does it exist?”.

  • Page titles – they are very important in defining you as unique. The page title is the first element a user comes in contact with and makes an idea about your website, but also a first selection criteria for a potential visitor about your website. But also here can come up problems. For example, if the title is longer than 65 characters, the search engine will shorten it when it will appear in the search engines. But if it includes a keyword that represents you, it's the most powerful classification factor for search engines.

  • Meta descriptions – they affect the click rate on the result. If they are not properly optimized, you will attract a very low click rate and your website will be downgraded. A correct meta description should not have more than 160 characters and must contain at least one keyword.

  • Image optimization – it’s true that an image weighs more than 1000 words. For images to communicate what they contain, the metadata fields, like ALT text and the filename are used. They must be descriptive, to complete the image, contain keywords, without abusing of them.

  • Indexing – after identifying the pages that can be accessed, we verify how many of them are indexed in search engines and how many allow a specific content search.

  • Onpage optimization – we analyze the URLs (if they are too short or too long, if they contain keywords).

  • Content – to be indexed properly, the content must be unique. Moreover, we investigate if there are too many keywords because they can cause a boomerang effect – keyword spam. When search engines see a unique content, that respects the recommended keyword density, they index them and give them more importance. Other important aspects are the source code optimization (HTML), meta tags, titles (H1 and H2 tags), links.

  • Link building –a healthy link profile will not only connect your website to the Internet and users, but it will also help you increase your position in search engines. Quality links are a very important factor in confirming your position among the top searches. And at iAgency, interactive agency, we are not interested in quantity, but quality. That’s why we don’t use websites especially created for obtaining links, that could be penalized by Google. Here, an important factor are the articles/ads/press releases. We analyze all these texts, if they are grammatically and keyword wise correctly, especially because they are a very good source of backlinks, that can help you advance in search engines.

  • Offpage factors – we check if your website is trustful, if it has quality backlinks, if it’s popular etc.

  • Competition – is a form through which we can offer you strategies that can improve the website, by adding/eliminating buttons, widgets, etc. Through a correct analysis of the competition's pluses and minuses, we can help you implement SEO optimization strategies that will bring you in top searches and keep you there longer.

It’s also important for you to know that at the end of every SEO audit made by iAgency, interactive agency, we explain you clearly and coherent the observations and actions you must do for the future success of your website. We prioritize actions according to their importance, then we propose you a new one that will lead you in the desired direction. We offer you concrete examples about how the optimized elements should look, compared to their actual state, so you can see the difference and note how important itis to have a correctly SEO optimized website.