Parallax scrolling websites, a trend in 2016?




Parallax scrolling websites, a trend in 2016?

Parallax is a website creation technique, very popular in the late years. This trend has started with the launch of touch screen smartphones, that offer to users a real interactive experience.

Moreover, parallax is the illusion of 3D effect by the time users scroll down on the page, due to the movement in a much slower pace compared to the fore.

At the base of parallax are 2D video games that used different speed of images in order to create the illusion of depth. It’s important to mention that the parallax technique doesn’t eliminate the existence of the categories in a website, but it is a technique that offers more value to images, the ones that connect the content to the user. That’s why we recommend it with moderation, not to irritate the surfers' eyes.

Parallax scrolling advantages

First of all, there are more aesthetic than functionality benefits. Through the most important advantages, we mention:

  • it dazzles visitors with the page depth and animation/video

  • it presents the story of the content on the website

  • it arouses curiosity and stimulate the visitors' interest

  • it increases the time spent on a page by a user, encouraging him to scroll down

  • it increases even more the credibility due to interactivity.

Parallax scrolling disadvantages

The most important disadvantage is in the terms of SEO optimization and a lower loading speed of the website. Other disadvantages are related to SEO and functionality:

  • SEO optimization is more difficult because the parallax allows just one set of meta tags

  • a single page with too much information can confuse the user, prompting him to abandon the search of information

  • Parallax website is used, especially, in the case of product/service brands, as a structured presentation of their main benefits – because it allows user to experience the product, to visualize it better.

We DON'T recommend the parallax scrolling website in any situation

Because we are SEO optimization strategists, we want to tell you that parallax isn’t a great alternative on web design in any situation. If you own a business centered on products/services, then it’s a great idea, that you should try. Practically, parallax is an option that allows the user to better interact with the product, to find out more about its characteristics, to find out its story, and to have an experience that will be shared with others.

Equally important for you to know is that, in the case of a parallax website. SEO optimization is more cumbersome and less effective. Because there are too many voices that say parallax is a very good alternative and that it will be a 2016 web design trend, we want to focus on the importance of SEO optimization.

In the case of regular websites, the SEO optimization process takes place much better, easier, with more effective and fast results. That's why at iAgency, interactive agency, we focus on creating a quality, minimalist web design, to offer to internet users a pleasant experience, without being annoyed by too many information, images and videos.

Why we think parallax scrolling is not an option in any case

First of all because we want your message to get to your target audience. For this we focus on quality and unique content, so that the SEO process is more successful.

Then we keep in mind the following:

  • Our focus is on the message you want to transmit – yes, the web design is important, but so is the message. In other words, the website is the image of your company, and the messages must be created in such a way so that you present yourself fast, with the most important benefits, to your customers.

  • A website is a declaration to users – practically, through SEO optimization, we contribute even more to your advertising campaign. So, we obtain and create a generally positive impression to users, so that they would want even more to find out information about you. Then we think about a web design strategy that will include all these elements and we propose a web design option.

  • We tend to a perfect balance between the basic content and visual impression of the website we create – because we are SEO and web design strategists, we will never propose to you a complicated web design, a conglomerate of lots of information and images, that will hinder the visitors’ experience. We strongly believe in the idea that the user has just a few seconds to make a general impression about your business, just by looking at your website. The more complicated the design is, the faster they will leave the website and choose your competition.

  • We always propose a minimalist web design, with modern layout – that’s what real SEO optimization and web design strategists do. In addition, that’s the way we can apply the SEO strategy more effectively and take you to the heights of success. Moreover, we create easy to navigate websites, in contrasting colors, that attract even more the attention on the most important information that the user must read.

  • Page creation – is an SEO optimization process, so that you appear in Google as you should. We create pages that offer simplicity to the website, but also a natural way to read the information. In the web design strategy we establish the details about the role of the website for your business and how to direct the users to pages with information that they search for.

  • We combine the content with graphic elements in a smart way – the images are very effective instruments to attract attention, if they are wisely used. Too many images can distract the attention and too few can make the website rudimentary. At iAgency, interactive agency, we make sure we establish the perfect balance between content and images, to complete the whole concept of the website and not one to distract the attention from the principal message.

If you are searching for quality web design services, contact us! We are more than glad to help you become visible in online.

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