Digital Marketing – Tips&Tricks for 2016




Digital Marketing – Tips&Tricks for 2016

We say GOODBYE to 2015, a year in which the change was the watchword. And since at every end of the year we make a list of objectives we want to achieve the next year, it is imperative to establish a strategy for 2016 digital marketing. That's why we prepared for you a list with tips you should take into consideration when you choose to send information about your offers and services to collaborators or clients or the way you choose to communicate with them.

The digital marketing industry is very complex and volatile, but for 2016, the trends are already established. It will be a year in which video will be in the center of attention, in which people are more connected with their smartphones and they will have a buying behavior even more complex than in previous years.

For the beginning, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Video ads will dominate – although it's nothing new and we already have video channels (like YouTube, Vimeo), for 2016, Facebook and Bing will offer video promotion services. It will be a different year because Google will initiate advertising through video SERP. This is a sign that users accept more and more the video content and quit boring ads, where they need to browse a text or an image with a lot of content.

  • Future means maximum mobility, at minimal costs – in 2016, according to Google, more than 80% of people will check their email on smartphones. For this next year, the application developers will focus on creating something unique, new, whereby every smartphone owner will have access to their bank account, to their health plan, will be able to quit using the credit cards they have in wallet and, maybe, will relaunch, more successful phone payment.

  • Digital will switch to another kind of optimization – although SEO and PPC are well known, 2016 will be the year for another level of optimization. In other words, digital assistants like Siri and Cortana, although they will use traditional search ways (Google, Bing), in certain situations, they will bet more on a format that will bring the info about businesses more accessible and easier to find, without going directly to the website. Basically, you will first get in contact with costumers’ reviews and feedback and after you consider them relevant, it will take you to the related websites.

  • Wearable technology will have the power – with the advent of smartwatches, they changed the idea of online marketing and will drive more for a real, palpable digital marketing, through which people will interact more with a product or service and then will talk about their experience. In other words, researchers are working for a smartwatch prototype that will appear in 2016 (we don’t have the date yet), endowed with their own browser, that will enable the consumer/customer to see a product or service he is interested in, and then have the possibility to test it to further improve his buying decision. So, if you like a product or service, you will see the benefits and the company that has created it will answer to all your questions about the product/service. American digital marketing specialists say that this aspect will improve even more the relationship between consumers and companies and will also bring significant growth to online sales. We can’t wait for a change and to see the whole process.

  • Google Knowledge Graph will revolutionize searches – this is an algorithm launched in 2012, meant to increase the results generated by search engines with information about semantic search. Google Knowledge Graph has a base with 570 millions of places, objects, arts etc. and more than 18 billion of concrete data and relations between different objects.

In other words, this algorithm will allow users to search for people, arts, places Google knows and to receive relevant information for their search. Basically, Google is alive through common intelligence and offer more human results/perspectives of searches.

Google says that due to Knowledge Graph, Google searches are more efficient due to 2 main reasons:

  • 1) It offers depth to the search and a broader sense – although words or descriptions may be ambiguous, Google can understand the difference and refine searches to offer the exact information that the user is interested in.

  • 2) It generates the best search summary, which appears on the right side of the screen, where you can find the most important information about a celebrity. For example, if you access and search for “Da Vinci”, in the right side of the screen will appear a short summary consisting of: some of his photos, a short biography, pictures of his most popular works and suggestions (if you want to search for another celebrity). In this case, the suggestions are – Michelangelo Buonaroti, Leonardo di Caprio, Rafael, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.

This will not only change the way Google searches are made, but will also affect the ones who own websites. Because Knowledge Graph will make a summary with the most important information about a product/service, the user doesn't have to enter the website for more information. This will cause, of course, a decreased traffic, and a more time-consuming online promotion and branding.

On the Romanian market, a lot of people confound digital marketing with traditional marketing. Of course, this generates questions about what it truly means and why isn’t it a part of traditional marketing.

First of all, digital marketing represents the efforts an interactive agency makes to promote a brand and manage relations with potential, old and new clients, through an online environment. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is new on the Romanian’s market and doesn't have a code of good practices. Therefore, it’s very important to choose an interactive agency with experience, expertise and projects that reflect the quality of its services.

Secondly, iAgency, interactive agency with more than 10 years of experience, ensures you the success by carefully analyzing the trends, conducting researches and creating personalized digital marketing strategies, according to each client. We don’t have a secret recipe we use for all our clients, but we rely on being unique, offering impeccable services, quality content, suggestive images, all packed in such a way to attract attention.

Moreover, by working with iAgency, interactive agency, you will get the following benefits for you and your business:

  • Management reputation

  • Interaction with your target audience

  • Positive notoriety – we know how important is for you and your business to have positive reviews and word-to-mouth positive feedback.

  • Continuous feedback – both from the audience, that will ask questions about you and your activity, but also from them to you, because it’s important to establish a continuous interactive relationship. So, you will get the necessary feedback, positive or negative, with the help of which you can change/improve your digital marketing strategy.

  • Branding – How do you want to be recognized by people? Together we establish your strengths, keywords and create a complex digital marketing plan, which will bring you the greatest satisfaction.

We are Digital Marketing strategists

Our work involves research and analysis, monitoring and measuring and understanding the new technologies and integrate them into a digital marketing strategy, in order to increase results. Then we bring you the best online promotion of your business, in relation to the objectives you have: from awareness, to the engagement of your target audience. Meaning we use a mix of online communication channels, we make an unique, efficient content adapted to the specifications from the brief.

Then, according to the context, we use:

  • Pay-per-Click promotion - AdWords, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads;

  • social networking – we build the brand's image, customer relations or we manage the problems caused by the interaction with the brand;

  • e-mail marketing – longtime channel of generating online sales;

  • media campaigns – we use the most popular blogs and online publications.

Equally important is the process of improving the users' experience on a website. Website usability is a tool through which we try to convince clients how important is the website in increasing the conversion rate through which we can explain the success/failure of promotion campaigns, implementation and ongoing. Basically, that’s how we can create even more costumer lifetime value, by increasing the conversion rate and users’ satisfaction.

If you need specialized digital marketing services, come to iAgency, interactive agency. We are more than glad to help you.