Is your ecommerce website properly optimized?




Is your ecommerce website properly optimized?

If you are just starting out and you want to create an ecommerce website, you can trust iAgency, interactive agency. We have experience with clients from various domains like Gadget World, Vipercig, Tigara Electronica nr. 1 and a lot more.

Because we are, in the first place, SEO and web design strategists, we offer you efficient and creative strategies that transform you into a visible online brand.

Basically, we follow the diagram below:


Moreover, with a proper SEO optimization and conversion rate optimization, you can double your traffic and sales on a medium term, as your website credibility grows at the same time. By choosing iAgency's online marketing services, you choose the path to the best results, no matter the niche you activate in.

Integrating the SEO strategy into the site's web design

The web design, in the case of an online shop, is not only about the visual part, but it must be combined correctly with e-commerce, SEO optimization and conversion rate optimization.

In other words, an innovative design, next to quality content, brings more satisfaction to the customers, but also increases the sales and profit.

  • A modern and attractive design

  • Visual elements that attract attention

  • A very high page loading speed, to prevent visitors leaving the website.

And if all these elements blend harmoniously, the pages of your ecommerce website will be indexed faster and they will appear in search engine results.

In every online business, planning is the key of success. The planning of the SEO optimization strategy must be implemented starting with the web design because it is a lot easier to create templates for categories and subcategories that can afterwards be promoted with internal links to every product.

Equally important to note is the fact that the SEO optimization of an online shop is different than the one of a presentation website, especially because you must be a real strategist in this domain to:

  • know the consumer psychology

  • optimize the conversion rate

  • design and develop online shops

  • Social Media promotion

  • Online marketing

  • Copywriting etc.

Because we are SEO optimization strategists, we know how to anticipate the trends, so we can become friends with Google Penguin and Panda, the tool that studies the way we can obtain new backlinks. For this to happen, we take care of the following:

  • we constantly monitor the backlinks

  • we are interested in obtaining quality backlinks

  • we don’t seek to obtain backlinks from websites created only for this purpose

  • we use Social Media to build relationships that bring us links naturally.

Of course, we don't forget about Google Panda, the tool that penalizes duplicate content. So, for a correct online shop optimization, we take into account the following:

  • we create unique content for every product that answers to the customer's questions

  • we create blogs where we share, on a weekly basis, new information in order to attract even more users.

If you want to become an online brand, come to iAgency, interactive agency. We are prepared to surprise you with the most creative and effective online shop optimization strategies.