What SEO professionals do before the launching of the website




What SEO professionals do before the launching of the website

Nowadays, with the daily launch of an impressive number of websites, it's not easy at all to make yourself noticed in the digital world. The competition has become more fierce, so the SEO strategy done by SEO Professionals should be permanently improved.

You should think about a way of doing SEO even before launching the site to recover the territory already occupied by others and to get ahead of those who build their brand at the same time with you. Perhaps you wonder how this is possible. It is not only possible, but essential. Well, here's what you need to do and how to apply the tips of SEO professionals:

  1. Create a „Coming soon” page and optimize the basic elements

While you are waiting for your website to be finalized, one of your priorities should be creating a page that will announce the launching of the website. There are plenty of reasons why this thing is very important:

  • Search engines give to old websites more authority. It takes time to get a top position in Google's ranking, so your „Coming soon” page will help you advance faster. Web crawlers don't care for that sort of message on page, but for the content, keywords and user experience.

  • The new page is a good source of leads. You should include a powerful call to action that tempts the visitors to complete a form. In exchange, give them a PDF guide, a video, an info-graphic, a voucher or anything that might delight them.

  • This page will not help you just on the search engine optimization done by SEO professionals, but also in building your brand. Here, you can use the images, colors, motto and the specific language of your brand, so that visitors will get used to the essential points of the subsequent communication.

  • You can start connecting yourself with the users, even if your website is not finished. On the „Coming soon” message you can create a link to your Social Media accounts. There you can create written, photo and video content that will communicate to people things about your brand and keep them in touch for the website's big launch. The suspense is always a good catalyst.

  • It's a good way to show off your contact details, so the press can contact you and write in advance about what you want to launch. On the „Coming soon” page you can include a media kit with the basic details about your business and website. It's a very good occasion to add quality content about your business that will include the relevant keywords for your target audience. In the media kit you can include the logo that the press can use, all contact information, your company's mission, a „FAQ” section and biographical information of your team. Always update this media kit. This information will be useful to the ones that try to contact you, but also is a way of creating fresh and regular content for search engines, as a part of search engine optimization strategy done by SEO professionals.

  1. Build profiles on all Social Media networks

When it comes to search engine optimization, it's absolutely necessary to build Social Media communities before launching your website. You must make sure that you already have a loyal public, familiar with your brand. By engaging your public on various relevant social platforms and by sharing quality content, you will increase the trust of the Internet users in your business and create an authoritative reputation.

Make sure you have created complete profiles on all the platforms that matter (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linked In, Google+), but also on the ones that addresses to your target audience. Then connect each profile to the „Coming Soon” page and make sure the Social Media people get updates about the website's launching just by clicking one button.

  1. Prepare at least 10 articles for your blog

A quality content is part of every search engine optimization strategy done by SEO professionals because it will bring organic traffic to your website, even when it’s brand new. Because it must be uploaded frequently, you should already have a good content supply before the launch. For a website to be ranked as higher in search engines, make sure you produce long-form content, about 2000 words or more, relevant for your target audience. Also, in some cases, writing on a blog before a website's launch is a good idea for the search engine optimization process. This will allow you make pre-launch adds, add continuously fresh content and to do some online buzz. In addition, you must make sure the content you upload is capable of attracting links. If your blog is ready when you start writing press releases, the news sources and consumers can enter it for more information.

  1. Make sure that all pages went through the SEO process

Absolutely all pages of your website should be optimized by SEO professionals, on the relevant keywords for your target audience. As we told you earlier, it's good to create long-form content, with authority, that potential clients should be interested in. It's not necessary to reinvent the wheel from a page to another; in exchange, make sure the texts from each page are focused on a certain keyword and useful for the readers. Don't forget to use keywords, especially long-tail keywords (because your website will not climb high immediately on general terms), on each page and in meta-tags. If you work with SEO professionals from the beginning, the search engines will properly index the pages and you will have greater chances to occupy a leading position in Google’s ranking.

  1. Publish content on other blogs and websites to build links to your domain – Guest Blogging

Authority content, published on relevant websites for your business is a quick manner to generate traffic to your website and leads for your email list. In addition, you build a credible reputation and become an influencer. Search for the best guest blogging opportunity on niche websites and find out what kind of posts the users would like to read.

  1. Register your business on niche websites

Before launching a website, you can register your business on various websites related to your products and services. This way, you can build authoritative links to your “Coming soon” page that will be transferred to the rest of the pages when they become active. If these websites are very known and used in your activity domain, it’s better for you!

Other ways for SEO professionals to do search engine optimization before the launch of your website are the following:

  • Schedule a series of advertorials in publications that your potential clients use.

  • Make video materials for your YouTube account.

  • Give to bloggers with influence in you activity domain the occasion to test your products and services.

  • Write press releases.

  • Prepare a newsletter.

The immediate moment after the launching is essential for the success of your website. Now it’s the perfect moment to monitor traffic and evaluate results.

In order to obtain leading positions in Google it’s essential that your website is optimized by SEO professionals before its launch. It’s important to stand out from the crowd through search engine optimization. If you are new in this domain and you don't know what to do, make sure you work with specialized SEO professionals, with a great experience and a portfolio full of satisfied customers, like iAgency.