The importance of the backlinks in the SEO process




The importance of the backlinks in the SEO process

SEO is a domain where you must be very careful how you choose to promote yourself. That’s why iAgency is here for your success and online visibility. Quality backlinks help you obtain top positions in Google searches. That’s why your business image and a well-written content on your website are very important, and they should respond quickly to the needs of the internet users.

How users search when they want to find out more details about a subject they are interested in:

  • using the brand name – when they want to reach the official brand webpage

  • using money keywords – the searches that Google suggests and the ones who should generate sales for online products or services

  • using long-tails – natural searches, like “Busteni accommodation with pool”, “cheap and fast self development courses” and the list may continue.

What are backlinks and how can they help you

Organic optimization for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) means providing rich, structured, but accessible content to users, while also increasing your visibility and popularity on the Internet, by obtaining relevant external links on a promoted website.

Google understands what a website wants to promote by indexing existing pages and by analyzing inbound links. So, depending on the content of the title and the meta-description, Google knows exactly what’s the main subject of a web page. A website with insufficient content or bad quality content will be positioned differently on Google, depending on the level of competition in that business area. But if the website has a strong quality backlink profile, it can reach top positions on searches after „money keywords”, even if the competitors’ websites have superior content in terms of quality.

Link-building should not be done by ear. It’s one of the most difficult activities because it takes time and great skills. It’s difficult because it requires building a various link profile, on many domains, and it takes time because it requires a constant evaluation of the advantage every link brings to your website.

How can you identify your website's backlinks

  • Through a query syntax – on Google/Yahoo. This syntax reveals the backlinks that search engines consider relevant. Unlike Google, Yahoo reveals a number of backlinks much higher.

  • Google Webmaster Tools – this service, offered by Google, helps you monitor the website’s evolution on search engines. It’s free and has more than 10 instruments with which you can verify the integrity of a website and increase its visibility on search engines.

  • SEO Spyglass – a tool which allows you to visualize all the existing links in a website. This tool also shows you the harmful and defectuous links, which are penalized by Google.

  • Open Site Explorer – a tool launched by that helps you compare your website with those of your competitors, in order to identify the origin of the links to your website. This will allow you to discover new ways for obtaining good links to your website.

  • – a tool that tracks backlinks, keywords and brand refferals both for your website and your competitors'.

How iAgency obtains quality backlinks:

  • by publishing relevant and high quality content on forums, blogs, press releases or news websites – that should be done with moderation in order not to irritate the potential users

  • by posting ads – they should also be posted with moderation, using relevant keywords which were chosen when the strategy was being built

  • by posting comments – posting comments needs a smart approach, ensuring that the users do not perceive it as advertisement or even worse, as spam.

  • By posting advertorials

  • by using banner advertising

  • By reviews made by readers on forums, blogs, Social Networks.

We are building your backlink profile in order for you to obtain:
  • Top positions

  • Website traffic

In order to obtain top positions, we focus our attention on links and content. Much of Google’s algorithms still rely on links. Basically, backlinks represent a refferal from a website to another. Quality links provide authority, and authority ensures higher positions for a website in Google.

The same emphasis isput on the quality of backlinks, as well. These should be hypertext links and must be followed by search engines, in order to positively influence the position of a website in Google. Google takes into consideration the quality of a website from which the reference is made, but also the link’s context ( the semantic content of the page on which it is located and the anchor where the link is inserted).

The keywords on which we insert the link, and the semantic context offer the searching engines information about the website’s topic. The anchor text should correspond to the usual searches of the users. Otherwise, when you put the anchor on a full paragraph or proposition, it won’t have relevant results. If you own a dental clinic and you want to highlight the price ranges, it’s better to know that an anchor such as „the dentist, a friend that doesn’t cost you too much” is not a good choice, moreover, because the people don’t consider a medic to be his friend, especially one whose services cost a fortune to help them have healthy teeth. So, in this case, the anchor „price dentist” is the most suitable in terms of SEO, and you have more chances to be successful, although, maybe, your services are not so expensive.

Equally important is the quantity of the backlinks because the search engines also take into account their number and try to detect artificially obtained backlinks, prefering the quality ones.