How does an online advertising agency promote a real estate website




How does an online advertising agency promote a real estate website

In Romania, the real estate market is trying hard to recover after the economic crisis. And on a minefield like this, if you are a real estate agent or agency, you certainly are searching for the best ways to promote yourself. Besides a Facebook page, maybe you are thinking about creating a website. Good idea!

It’s easy to create it! The hard part is to optimize it, especially if you do it without an online advertising agency. Why? The competition is fierce in the real estate market. And if you want to be on the first page of search engines, the promotion of a real estate website is way more different than the one for a regular website.

The Internet has become the main source of information, therefore it’s very important that a real estate agency presents and promotes its services and shares its experience and portfolio online. Ideally, a real estate website becomes known and successful if you use maximum of inventiveness, you have a critical, but very creative way of thinking and a very friendly way to approach your clients because they count on you on their process of finding their ideal “home” for their family.

In addition, don't forget about special offers because they bring you visitors that can easily turn into clients. Even though the price is a bit steep, you must search for ways and statements that don't scare them away, but offer them the illusion of some big offers they mustn’t miss.

As we mentioned earlier, the search engine optimization for a real estate website is a little different than the one for a regular website, and here is the reason why – because the SEO strategy for a real estate website must be very well designed from the beginning (and implemented before the launching of the website) or if the website is already online, it must be rethought – especially the on-site optimization and the link building techniques (off site SEO).

How a real estate website promotion should be done by an online advertising agency

Let’s not forget that beside the search engine optimization of a real estate website, functionality and the visuals are also important. SEO doesn’t matter that much if the people get lost in it or if the page speed is very low. What’s important for every website, especially for a real estate one, is to enable a natural surfing. That translates into getting right away to the information you are interested in, without clicking too many buttons or going through several pages. Otherwise, people will leave and, guaranteed, will never come back again.

In order to get promoted on Google, the requirements are relatively acceptable and accessible for anyone: page load in a short time, a relevant and quality content and avoidance of black hat SEO techniques – spam, hidden or paid links – because the website will be penalized by the search engine.

So, an online advertising agency should very carefully take into account the following aspects for an effective promotion of a real estate website:

  1. 24/7 available – to ensure the popularity between people and companies that need your services, for them to monitor your offers and compare them with others on the market.
  2. Keyword optimization – generating keywords for a webpage content helps promoting the real estate website in search engines. iAgency is an online advertising agency that knows to find the best keywords related to your business. We use different techniques to find the most frequent keywords, used by visitors that search for something related to the real estate market, in a certain period of time or a particular location.
  3. On Page optimization – basically, the real estate websites are based on simple search engine optimization techniques, with offers based on property type and town/neighborhood/district. Thus, the meta title and meta description become a real keywords game as it follows: “apartment/house + rooms number + floor number + location” etc. Because we are an online advertising agency, we take into consideration all domain requirements: titles that do not exceed 60 characters, descriptions that are no longer than 160 characters and URLs that contain relevant keywords. These features contain information about the pages of a real estate website that are visible for search engines.
  4. Content – is not essential just in promoting a real estate website, but also in attracting clients. That's why the articles/texts must be done using relevant keywords. Quality content will appear on the first page of Google because the search engine will consider that the information is useful to users. Also, the content must be relevant for your type of business and make people boost your post by sharing and liking it on social media and, eventually, contact you for the services you offer on your real estate website.
  5. Link building – Building links for your website it’s not easy at all, because they can easily be marked as „spam” – a term that includes forced/bought links on websites that have an artificial content or on link directories, forums and blog comments. A professional online advertising agency creates only quality links that really help online businesses.
  6. Make Google Analytics your friend – It’s very important to know who your target audience is, what are they interested in and where do they spend most of their time. This will help you build your backlinks strategy – to create articles, press releases and ads.
  7. Design – iAgency is an online advertising agency that will develop an original graphic creation, use the best colors and the right size for the website's layout, so that all these elements put together create something really special.
  8. You need a responsive website – It’s very important for the website to have an optimized mobile version. The number of users who use smartphones or tablets is almost as high as those using desktops. In addition, we are an online advertising agency that optimizes your graphic creation for all major web browsers on the market (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  9. Loading speed – This is another important element in promoting a real estate website, because the users want a pleasant, easy and accessible experience. That's why you should contact an experienced online advertising agency that knows very well what to do.
  10. To increase your visibility, use ads websites! – These kinds of websites help you a lot in becoming known. It's very important to use useful information and the keywords that are specific to your target audience. Ideally, you should create ads once or twice a week so people find out about you and your services. And don't forget another thing – the contact details.
  11. Social Media – Social Media plays an important part in promoting a real estate website. For some SEO professionals, it can be a challenge, but not for iAgency, one of the best online advertising agencies. We have more than 10 years of experience in this field and we know what we can get with the help of Social Media platforms. We promote only interesting and catchy content that answers to people's questions. And when it comes to promoting a real estate website, we use suggestive videos and presentations, both on Social Media and your YouTube channel.
  12. Creating a blog helps you become more visible – This can help you bring useful information to people about what you have to offer. Also, it’s a way of telling stories of the people who used your services. Testimonial advertising is the best way to attract even more visitors that can turn into your clients.

Contact us for the best real estate website promotion! We are here to help you grow your business.